What is the purpose of namestat.org?

In January 2012 ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) began accepting applications for new top generic level domains (new gTLDs) to be added to the Root Zone of the Internet. Six months later it was revealed 1,930 applications had been received from brands, companies, cities, communities and entrepreneurs from around the globe. Some of the proposed new domains have more than one application so once roll-out is complete the number of unique new domains is expected to number around 1,300+. That's a lot of new top level domains.

namestat.org was conceived to help track these new domains as they proceed from application to registry contract, Root Zone delegation through to Sunrise and General Availability launch and further to track on-going performance, market share and registration trends.


Where do you get the data?

The data is compiled from various public sources including ICANN, IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority), the Trademark Clearing House, Centralized Zone Data Service (CZDS), Registrars, Registries and the Root Zone itself.


How do you collect the data?

Our data is updated once a day and normally available by 13:00 UTC.

Very occasionally there may be a delay, usually for one of two reasons both of which are beyond our control. The most common delay is waiting for re-authorisation to be granted for access to a particular zonefile. Unfortunately the system (CZDS) used to authorize access has one major drawback- access is revoked at the end of the granted period but before that point there is no chance to reapply. It is not possible to re-apply for further access until existing access has lapsed. It can take anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks to regain authorization meaning there may be gaps in the data for these TLDs. Fortunately this only applies to a small minority of registries, most grant access for periods of a year or more so this issue does not arise regularly. A secondary reason for delay is noticable across all TLDs e.g. when CZDS fails as a whole in the provision of zonefiles. Generally this is cleared up by the end of the day but very rarely can extend to the next.  In both instances the delays only impact the data for the day and TLDs concerned. Once reauthorisation is complete or CZDS back online the very next days count will contain the missing days domains, no data is lost.

A note on TLD launch timing. CZDS receives the zonefiles once a day for each Registry at approximately 12 midnight UTC and finishes processing sometime around 0100 UTC. We download the zonefiles from CZDS once a day at 07:00UTC. After processing the data is then available on NameStat. Most Registry launch periods (such as Sunrise/Landrush or General Availability) occur during the day, not usually 12midnight UTC, although IDN's (non-Latin character domains) tend to launch in the early hours. Donuts Inc usually launch their new domains at 16:00 UTC. Consequently the registration levels do not match exactly to the launch timetable. In practice this is only really relevant for the first day of General Availability. If a launch occurred at 16:00UTC then the first 'day' of registration levels represents 8 hours of registrations not a whole day. For Early Access Domains each period of pricing runs from 16:00UTC to 15:59UTC. Domain levels for these pricing periods are accurate to midnight UTC. 


Do you have an API?

Yes, you can see documentation for it here: NameStat API. Access to the API is restricted to authorized users however registration is free, and you can request access by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Regular use of the API is also free (within acceptable use limits) however we can supply an enhanced subset of daily data for a Premium Subscription, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for further details.


I'd like to use/publish data from NameStat?

Yes that's fine, please credit namestat.org preferably with a link if possible. Downloaded charts can be freely used in any online or offline publication PROVIDING the namestat.org origination text and timestamp (located at the bottom of each chart) remain in place. 


Do you have any plans for tracking Com/Net/Org stats?

Not right now.


Is your data accurate, can I rely on it?

Accuracy in the new gTLD world is a fast moving target. On an almost daily basis new registry contracts are signed, rival domain applications (contention sets) settled, sunrise/general availability dates published and new domains delegated (added to the root). Whilst every effort is taken to keep our data relevant please don't make mission critical or financial decisions based on our data unless you have taken independent steps to satisfy yourself that the data is true beforehand.

Additionally the zone files show domains with nameservers, not domains without nameservers. It is possible to glean further counts by analysing whois records or other methods but again accuracy here is a moving target. The zone files show the number of new domain registrations that are active (whether parked or not) on the internet at that point with an accuracy granularity of one day. We think this is the most reliable way to measure TLD registrations (most other stat sites seem to agree as our summary numbers are usually very similar, if not exactly the same).


Feature requests

Always interested in comments/suggestions and feedback.


Partnerships / connect

If you have an idea of how we can work together, get in touch.



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