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Contrary to popular belief.. no, we're not dead.

Admittedly it was never the best form to start a blog, add a few posts then stop for a full 16 months. Perhaps not the best form but probably not uncommon either. Writing and updating a blog is hard and most of the time a pretty thankless task. Writing a blog about domain names AND stats seems like lunacy. But you know us techie types, we need to get out more and see the world. A few words here and there, as good a start as any.

So this is it. A new and revamped stats blog about domain names. Actually not so much renewed and revamped more dusted-off and bug-fixed (it’s true the comment feature was broken until yesterday, for who knows how long and I had no idea).

But what to talk about first? What have we been up to since August 2015?

A lot to be fair. But most of it behind the scenes, most of it very very unsexy (e.g. not that exciting) and most of it (unfortunately) quite critical to keeping the site active for the long term. I could go on and on so here’s a short list instead:

We’re now completely cloud based

No more dedicated server serving everything from a slightly grim (but hip) northern English town called Leeds. Http requests, db queries, data collection, processing - all through a von Neumann type bottleneck (not always) affectionately called Marvin. And we wondered why it would occasionally say ‘Ah no, I don't think so’.

Website, data processing and data collection are now separate and fully scaleable

No more 10 second waits for the stats page on .CLUB while the server is counting CVCV character combinations registered in .XYZ while serving two separate clients through the API who had both decided to ask for the same data at the same time (but from different parts of the world). Not stressful in any way.

Our code is getting faster

Back to September 2014 when the download/parse and db update of 400 zones would take over 5 hours. Forward to this morning, 1200 zones 3.4Gb compressed and all of 43 minutes later and we're all done.. not bad! 

We have new charts

Well nearly. Our existing charts are ok but lack interaction. They’re also a pain to configure and have problems on touch devices. So we’ve found a better solution and will roll it out to the TLD stats pages soon. More color and more tools, coming to a stats page near you.

We have funding

Not exactly VC, more like clients. Who are paying us. And they seem happy. A revolutionary concept but at least we now have some space to redevelop this site, press on with other related projects and start pushing boundaries.

We have plans

See ‘pushing boundaries’ above.

We have a new name 

Two names in fact: and – and our company name is .. wait for it ..  Name Metrics Ltd. Great!

Makes me smile :)


Onwards and upwards.


Here are 947 one character new TLD domains that were once registered but are no longer in the zone. They are now either fully deleted or reserved by the registry. Typical registration and renewal prices for one character new TLDs vary from $72.60 for through to $55,000 for The 'check' buttons redirect through an affiliate link to Uniregistry where you can check the status of the domain. 

Back in June 2015 we did a similar post on one character deleted domains and some of those domains (like for example) are still available at the same prices.

If you find a domain that is in this list but registered (or you get it yourself) please leave a note in the comments so we can keep the list accurate.

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Here are 1,102 new TLD domains that have just deleted or should delete within the next few hours. At time of writing they are (mostly) all still available.

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Here are 1,062 new TLD domains that have just deleted or should delete within the next few hours.

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Much has been written about Google's 'restructuring' to Alphabet, it's catchy new holding company site and on the positive repercussions (hopefully not short-lived) for the new gTLD program. But what of the immediate effect on .XYZ registrations, has there been a bounce?

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Inspired by a post by Raymond Hackney at TLDInvestors which found 260 .COM/.NET names regged after Google's surprise announcement, I thought it would be interesting to see how many similar variations were registered across all new gTLDs.

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.Review, .Faith and .Date TLD's from Famous Four Media entered General Availability yesterday (1st July 2015) at 15:00UTC. These are the figures for the first hours of availability from 15:00 until just after midnight and also include sunrise registrations.

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Here are 4287 new TLD domains that have just deleted or should delete within the next few hours.

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Here are 1034 new TLD domains that deleted today. At time of writing they are (mostly) all still available.

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Here are 41 one letter new TLD domains that have deleted in the last two months. Most are still available at prices ranging from $72.60 to $220.

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