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.Review, .Faith and .Date TLD's from Famous Four Media entered General Availability yesterday (1st July 2015) at 15:00UTC. These are the figures for the first hours of availability from 15:00 until just after midnight and also include sunrise registrations.

.Review is the best performing of the three TLDs with 31 countries sold into through a total of 20 Registrars. .Date has similar numbers of registrations and registrars but across 22 countries. Alpnames Ltd is the dominant registrar and Gibraltar the biggest country, both by a high margin. A very small percentage of the domains are under privacy however the Gibraltar/Alpnames registrations appear to be from one registrant, related to AlpNames itself. It is unknown whether these domains are actual registrations but masked (without using privacy) at the registrar end or if the domains are speculative by the registrar.

Where 'processing' is shown for Avg Term & Privacy indicates not enough registrations have been reached to calculate the figures (the level is set at 1000). 


.Review TLD First Day.Review Registrars First Day


.Date TLD First Day.Date Registrars First Day


.Faith TLD First Day.Faith Registrars First Day


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