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Much has been written about Google's 'restructuring' to Alphabet, it's catchy new holding company site and on the positive repercussions (hopefully not short-lived) for the new gTLD program. But what of the immediate effect on .XYZ registrations, has there been a bounce?

The previous days figures (to the announcement) are shown below. Here 'Latest Update' is the net figure which comprises domains new to the zone (new registrations), those removed (most likely expired and on their way to deletion) and those reinstated back into the zone (probably renewed). So a recent typical day for .XYZ sees it gain around 3k new registrations:

Before the Boom

The announcement came at around 9:25 pm UTC on the 10th August. Zone files are normally collected 3 to 4 hours after midnight so the first days figures contain at most perhaps 7 hours of new activity. As shown below the first day had 6,422 new registrations an increase on the previous day of about 3,000 registrations. The second day e.g. the first full day of the 'abc effect', saw .XYZ's new registrations jump to 12,858 about 9,500 more than a typical day. The most recent set of figures for the 13th show a slowing to 9,000 in a day but still well above pre-alphabet levels.

In total over the past 4 days .XYZ gained 40,805 new registrations, a greater than 200% increase over the 13,000 they'd normally expect for a similar period. Of course the effect will eventually tail off but arguably not back to previous levels - not now with Google so publicly linked (and by extension advertising) these new namespaces.  

Where the new daily adds level for .XYZ eventually rests is anyone's guess. However these figures can't be seen as anything other than a big success for .XYZ and a welcome boost to awareness of the new gTLD program and supporting businesses who now depend on it. 

Before the Boom
Shameless plug: The stats above are collected for all TLDs on a daily basis and the Latest Update (net) figure is published on However the zone breakdown data showing adds, drops and reinstated domains (and much more data besides) are only available to registered users or through the API (free). Please contact us if interested in registering for an account or using the API. 
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