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We've now officially released, a new domain statistics site covering all TLD's that exist on the internet today. started tracking new gTLDs in 2013 and will continue to offer in-depth analysis and metrics for new gTLD growth as well as being a central resource of ancillary information such as ownership and market share, pricing and aftermarket sales. tracks all TLDs in the Root zone including Legacy TLDs such as .COM and .NET and also Country TLD's (otherwise known as ccTLDs) such as .UK, .CA and .SE. Whilst some data will be common between the two sites, it is not possible to replicate the full level of detail for all TLDs that we've provided on In particular Country TLD's are sometimes reluctant to publish statistics on registration volumes and trends and rarely publish zonefiles (the list of domains under each top level domain).

So on the face of it persuading individual Country TLD registries to part with (any of) their data may seem like a daunting task. However we believe this is a task very much worth pursuing. The goal is a unified public resource mapping all TLDs, all namespaces. Not just their official use but also additional uses gained through language (.ME, .LY, .IN) or acronyms (.IO, .AI, .FM, .AM), alternatives to .COM (.CO) and even emojis (.WS). On the way we'll extol the virtues of each TLD, why do people choose one over another, where are the best places to buy, who can register, prominent sites, prominent usage.

The site is currently in beta but we have already reached 300 million domains tracked and more than 60 datapoints per TLD and growing. With more on the way, it's going to be an interesting ride.

Watch this space!



As of the 3rd March 2018, there are 1,544 active Top Level Domains on the internet. Of these 1,218 are new gTLDs (those released in 2013 and the following years). There are 17 Legacy TLDs including .COM/.NET/.ORG and lesser known namespaces such as .TEL, .PRO and .MUSEUM. A further 305 are Country TLD's such as .UK, .FR and .DE including two for geographical areas (.ASIA and .CAT). There are also three US government TLDs (.GOV, .MIL & .EDU) and one Infrastructure TLD, .ARPA.



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